Hi-Silk 21 (M) - 5KG

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Product Code: Hi-Silk 21 (M) - 5KG

Hi-Silk 21 are being fed to many champion Koi to produce beautiful sheen in the colors of Nishikigoi, especially the white of Nishikigoi. The growth rates of Nishikigoi are noticeably faster than other high protein food without causing the stomach of Nishikigoi to bulge and the body conformation are a lot better as the results of Hi-Silk 21.


  • Noticeably Faster Growth!
    Noticeably faster and healthy growth of your carp is ensured with nutritionally balanced HI-SILK 21. It contains silkworm chrysales (natural feed) for good-quality protein, and vitamins and mineral ingredients
  • Natural and Silky White!
    Abundantly mixed with silk powder, HI-SILK 21 will add to the promotion of liver functions of your carp and will ensure the color of healthy and silky "white."
  • Carefully-selected Raw Materials!
    All raw materials have been selected very carefully with the first consideration paid to protect carp fanciers' interest. Artificially colors have not been used.
  • Packed with Freshness!
    To keep maximum freshness HI-SILK 21 is packed with aluminum-vapolizaing and is thermally sealed up.


Ingredients: White fish meal, silkworm chrysales meal, wheat flour, soybean meal, rice bran, wheat germ meal brewers dried yeast, silk powder, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, the others, 10 kinds of vitamins, 11 kinds of minerals.



Crude Protein 43.8%

Crude Fat 8.9%

Crude Fiber 1.9%

Moisture 6.3%

Ash 7.6%

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