15 Jan
15 Jan

King Pin Kohaku

Since this is a totally new bloodline, we can only show you the parents and the Koi fries for now.

From our last harvest,the female parent incredibly measured 95cm. For any koi bloodline in Konishi, growth is considered one of the most important criteria. Thus, this kohaku was simply chosen as a female parent koi. For the male parents, Makoto-San also chose 2 Jumbo Kohaku which are around 80cm in size. At this point, we can’t say with absolute certainty whether the mating was a success or not. We can only judge when we get to see the first Jumbo Tosai and their next development into Nisai.

However, after the 3rd selection, we were able to get 400 Tategoi from this bloodline, which is more or less on a par with the existing Xenz Bloodline. So, we can only hope that we will get good results in the further selection of this bloodline.


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12 Jan
12 Jan

Xenz Kohaku

In the first picture, you can see the parents of our Xenz Kohaku bloodline. The mother, which previously has a 7-Step Pattern, is now already in her 6th year of breeding. The biggest strength of this bloodline is the huge variety of drawing or pattern. Among the offsprings, there are infinite numbers of Inazuma, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan in adddition to Maruten or Kuchibeni Pattern. Obviously, pattern is normally the Number 1 attribute for koi hobbyists when choosing koi. This is because, unlike other koi qualities, pattern could be seen and noticed even from a distance.  

Nisai Xenz Kohaku - 57cm
Nisai Xenz Kohaku - 58cm
Nisai Xenz Kohaku - 55cm

Aside from the pattern, Xenz Kohaku also shows other good qualities of Kohaku variety . From the age of Tosai, the offsprings already show good Beni and skin quality that will last even when they grow over 80cm in the next 5 years. Many Xenz Kohaku also have a very good growth potential. As you can see on the pictures above, those are some Nisai Xenz Kohaku that grew up to 55-60cm before becoming  2-Years-Old.

In 2014, the breeding of Xenz bloodline was again a success. After the third selection at the end of September 2014, we were able. The best 80 to 100 will be raised in the mudpond. The rest will then be sold as tosai and Jumbo Tosai in the Spring of 2015.

Original Article by Konishi Europe GmbH. Translated by Seiryuu Koi Carp.


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